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New Mom Boredom : Plus 8 Ways To Stop It.

     When I became a new mom it was a new and exciting experience, what I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of boredom I would feel being at home all day every day. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful I have the privilege of having a choice to stay at home, but it can be isolating, especially when you have a husband that travels for work 4-6 weeks at a time. Through trial and error here are some suggestions that can help you get out of your mommy funk and enjoy staying at home.

1. Connect With Other Moms:

    Nothing is better than having a conversation with another adult. Especially if that adult is toting a child of their own. And this new adult doesn’t have to be someone you meet in person. You can join online communities as well, but if you are really itching to get out of the house check to see what local parenting groups are available in your area where you can connect with other moms who are going through similar experiences. This can provide a sense of camaraderie and support, and you can share advice and tips with each other.

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2. Engage In Self-Care Activities:

    Taking care of yourself is crucial as a new mom. Find time for activities that you enjoy, such as reading, taking a warm bath, practicing mindfulness or meditation, doing yoga, or listening to music. Taking care of your own well-being will help you feel refreshed and energized. Nothing feels better than taking a bath all by yourself. No interruptions and no kids coming in to tell you to hurry up out of the bath because they decided to wake up in the middle of the night to get a snack because they are hungry even though you tried your hardest to get them to eat their pork chops and veggies from dinner. Not that I know from experience, but I totally know from experience.

3. Pursue Hobbies Or Learn Something New:

    I have to be careful with hobbies because I am the type of person to get over-excited and buy a lot of stuff for my newfound hobby. That’s why I started a blog, Less upfront cost but still enough to satisfy my itch to pursue my own creativity. You can use this time to explore your own hobbies or learn new skills. You can try activities like painting, knitting, cooking, writing, or playing a musical instrument. There are numerous online resources and tutorials available that can help you get started.

4. Create A Routine:

    Babies need routines, that's how they thrive and feel safe knowing what's next. So why should that be any different for you? Establishing a daily routine can help add structure to your day and give you a sense of purpose. Schedule activities for yourself and your baby, such as feeding, playing, going for walks, or reading stories. Having a routine can make your days feel more productive and enjoyable. Once you get your schedule all set up you’ll be surprised just how much more things you are able to do in a day. 

5. Get Outside:

    Get that vitamin D! Spending time outdoors can help boost your mood and help you sleep better at night. Take your baby for walks in a stroller or carrier, visit local parks, or simply sit in your backyard. Fresh air and nature can do wonders for your mood and overall well-being. We currently have a new patio set we purchased from Walmart for $100 and I have been using it a lot to just chill out in my backyard watching my son do his thing and get his energy out.

6. Plan Outings:

    Plan occasional outings with your baby, such as visiting family or friends, going to a baby-friendly cafĂ©, or exploring local attractions. These outings can provide a change of environment and give you something to look forward to. My favorite thing to do is visit my family for a week. When my husband leaves that is when I get the most lonely and it’s a lot of work taking care of a toddler all by yourself. Having time to visit family is so refreshing and gives you a little break while the grandparents enjoy their time with your kids. And visiting family is also a good time to see sites as well. Killing two birds with one stone.

7. Explore Online Resources:

    When you don’t know something Google is always there to help. There are countless online resources available for new moms, such as parenting blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels. These platforms offer a wealth of information, advice, and inspiration to help you navigate motherhood and find new activities to enjoy. When in doubt Google it, saved me so many times.

8. Read Books Or Listen To Audiobooks/Podcasts:

    Reading books can be a great way to have ‘me time’ while also gaining knowledge. But sadly I must admit I am not much of a reader no matter how hard I try. If you’re like me and finding time to read is challenging, consider listening to audiobooks or podcasts while taking care of your baby or doing household chores. I love a good true crime podcast. Not the most uplifting thing to listen to while folding laundry, but it does give my ears a break from Cocomelon.

    Finally, remember, it's normal to feel bored or restless at times, but it's important to prioritize self-care and find activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Be patient with yourself, and don't hesitate to seek support from your partner, family, or friends if you need a break or some time for yourself. You can’t be the best mom you can be without taking care of yourself.