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About Me
Munere veritus fierent cu sed, congue altera mea te, ex clita eripuit evertitur duo. Legendos tractatos honestatis ad mel. Legendos tractatos honestatis ad mel. , click here →



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My Journey Back To Makeup: Embracing Natural Beauty While Enjoying Makeup

The moment I was old enough to wear makeup felt like a right of passage into womanhood. The first items I bought that was approved by my mother was brown eyeliner and mascara. When I got home I tore into the packaging and started to apply the first swipes of makeup and I was hooked. I sta…

In The Search Of Self-Discovery: Meyers Briggs Personality Test: INFP-T

I took a break from the blog to re-center myself. I have been casually applying for jobs doing interviews. Some though not all, leave me feeling not great. Now, rejection is a normal feeling to have it's usually nothing against you. Maybe another candidate has more experience, or you …