Friends, San Antonio Riverwalkmy name is Kaitlyn, I live down here in Texas with my beautiful family, pets, and, of course, bluebonnets. 

I am a very introverted, slightly nerdy, and extremely ADD type of girl who is just stumbling through life one hour at a time.  I say one hour because I don’t have the attention span to last a whole day. 

I was a nutrition student for four years in college but left school to pursue a new career as a mommy.  Now I have dedicated my life to helping other crazy, scatter-brained, and very sleepy mommies grow their families and their blogs. 

I started this blog to help support my family, and it is my desire to help others do that too.

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I just LOVE the concept of guest posting!  It is an amazing way to get your blog “out there” and create stronger friendships and connections with other bloggers. 

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