6 Tips For Successful Blogging – Guest Post by Lysa Rich

Top 6 Tips for Successful Blogging

6 Tips for blogging success. A guest post on The Ordinary Home Blog. It is always important to educate yourself in order to do well in blogging


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Having a blog is one of the most lucrative methods to making money these days, if you do it right. Reality is, that a great part of bloggers make little to no money, and knowing about these tips can help them do just that.

In this article, you are going to learn about these tips for successful blogging that could definitely help you make money blogging.

6 tips for successful blogging


Tip #1            Choosing the Right Niche

6 Tips for blogging success. A guest post on The Ordinary Home Blog. It is always important to educate yourself in order to do well in blogging

When it comes to blogging, it’s critical to choose the right niche from the start. It wil be a complete waste of time and money, if you set out to make money with your blog, and you didn’t choose a profitable niche right away.


While there is no way to be 100% certain, there are a number of ways to figure out which niches are most likely to be profitable.


  • Competition – Believe it or not, you need competition. It means the niche has some interest. Too much competition could be a bad thing, but you shouldn’t worry about a significant part of it.
  • Monetization – Find out if there are products available to promote in your chosen niche. If you can’t find any, that means it probably isn’t profitable. ClickBank is one of the biggest sources for affiliate products out there.
  • Commercial Intent – This is a cushy term to refer to whether or not people in this niche will buy anything. You don’t have to be in a “product”-centric niche like “childrens clothes”, but you need to be in a niche where people are known to buy stuff, like weight loss or online marketing.


Your blog has to conform to this checklist, to make you as much money as you hope. When choosing a niche, be very careful to choose a niche where you can get lots of traffic and one that also has the potential to be profitable. After all, you’ll need something to promote as an affiliate.



Tip #2            Consistency is key

You can give up to soon or you can be consistent. It is all up to you. Almost any blog could eventually become very profitable if given enough time, so be and stay consistent.


The average offline business takes between one to three years to become profitable. Let this sink in. Some people think that blogging is an easy and quick way to get rich. It is not.

It takes time, hard work (I prefer smart work), dedication, and consistency. It is not easy, it is not fast, and it certainly isn’t magic.


Blogging may take anywhere between three months and three years to take off. It takes time to get good traffic from the search engines, and it takes a while to build an email list.


Tip #3            Promote Your Blog

Years ago all you needed to do was do some key research, write some key-rich content and you could sit back and make some money with your blog.


Because the changes in the algorithms ,from amongst them Google to combat spammers who flooded the internet with low-quality content meant to get people to click AdSense ads, have made it a challenge to gain traction.


These days, it is definitely important to go out there and promote your blog on e.q. social media. To get traffic to your blog you have to do some promotion, certainly at the beginning.

So get off your seat and start promoting! Do it with policy, you don’t want to become a spammer. So get your link out there in front of the people who will be interested in it.


Tip #4            Blogging with Added Value

You have to get original content out there with added value, otherwise Google will slap the crap out of the duplicate content.6 Tips to make a successful Blog


You can add value to your autoblog by adding your own experiences and thoughts to the post. Every time, find new posts and edit them, adding new insights to them. Be sure to differentiate your content from the original author by using another font, different colors, bold, quotes or similar things.


Tip #5            Build an Email List

This has been said time and time again as long as the internet exists, but some may forget it.


The money is in your email list.


Read that again. Make it your second nature. If you want to succeed and make money online, you need, need to build a list. An email list is one of the most valuable properties that no one can take away from you. No algorithm will have an effect on it. Social platforms coming and going won’t have an effect on it. This, will continue to make you money every time you send out an email, for the rest of your online career.


On average, each subscriber is worth $1 a month. It varies for every niche, and for individual lists. But this is a well known estimate.


So depending on how big your list is, you can potentially make $100 a month when you have 100 subscribers, $1000 a month when you have 1000 subscribers and so on.


So, what are you going to do.



Tip #6            Create Great Content

Even if you get everything else right, creating great content is a must if you want to get lots of traffic and make money.


Here are some reasons why:

  • Great blog posts will be liked and shared and can go viral.
  • People who visit your site will stay longer on your site.
  • It will get people to trust your authority in your niche.
  • When people stay on your site, they will click on your ads (if you have them).
  • People will come back to your site.


These days, earning money online is a challenge, and having great content is definitely a must. I hope you find these tips useful and that they give you some support to move forward. Keep it up!

6 Tips for blogging success. A guest post on The Ordinary Home Blog. It is always important to educate yourself in order to do well in blogging



Author Bio:

My name is Lysa Rich and I am a mother and wife who loves to encourage the ones around her to be a better version of themselves. I love to read since I was four years old, and it’s just seven years ago that I discovered my passion for writing. My ambition is to encourage and motivate as much people as I can into becoming their better selves.

Blog:                http://lysarich.com/blog/

6 Tips for blogging success. A guest post on The Ordinary Home Blog. It is always important to educate yourself in order to do well in blogging


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6 Tips for blogging success. A guest post on The Ordinary Home Blog. It is always important to educate yourself in order to do well in blogging