DIY How To Make Your Stainless Steel Like New!

DIY How T Make Your Stainless Steel Like New!

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DIY how to make your stainless steel look like new. Learn how and what to use to clean your stained stainless steel appliances. I have found the trick, and no it does not leave a sticky greasy residue. :)

I have always loved the look of stainless steel appliances, so when we were looking to buy a house that is what sold me on this one.  Little did I know it was going to end up being a major pain.

I scrubbed and scrubbed and could never get the water and grease stains out, and the appliances quickly went from look very sleek to looking like I never cleaned my home.

Not good….

I did some searching and discovered “The Olive Oil Trick” and immediately implemented it into my weekly cleaning routine, but I never really liked how greasy it made my appliances feel, even when I used a very small amount.  This lead me to start experimenting with different oils and I eventually came across the best one!

Here is how I make my appliances look brand spanking new in less than 10 min!  🙂

Step 1: Wipe debris off the appliance with a damp rag.

You want to make sure you get any food and dust particles off the appliance when you do this.  This is what my dishwasher looks like AFTER I cleaned it.

Make your stainless steel look brand new in 10 min

Step 2: Put a fairly generous coat of grapeseed oil and rub it around.  I have found that it grabs onto any grease and covers any water stains.

Step3: Clean the appliance off with a damp cloth and an all purpose cleaner.  This is the one I use.

Step 4: With a damp paper towel buff a very small amount of the grapeseed oil into the stainless steel going along the grain lines.

And then your done!  It looks brand new!

It usually takes a few weeks before it starts to look dirty again.

Let me know what you think in the comments. 🙂

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